K-6 Counseling Curriculum On Review



The Board of Trustees is considering adoption of the new digital Second Step K-6 counseling curriculum. The materials are currently on a 30-day review for parent input. The board is expected to approve the materials at its June Meeting. To access the materials, including the full scope and sequence, standards alignment charts and sample lessons, parents and patrons can go to www.secondstep.org and click on "Learn More." D91's top learning targets for the counseling curriculum include: a creative approach to learning tasks and problem solving, self-discipline and self-control, perseverance to achieve long- and short-term goals, empathy and leadership and teamwork skills to work effectively in diverse groups. Parents and patrons can provide input by completing this short online survey. If you can't access the online materials, please call our curriculum department at (208) 525-7500 and we'll try to get them to you in another format. 

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