Information Technology

Computer Science
Last Updated: 2/28/2020 9:31 PM

Information Technology is Computer Science Principles offered at Compass Academy, opened to all students based on availability.

Students will be introduced to the central ideas of computer science, instilling the ideas and practices of computational thinking including understanding how computing changes the world. This is a rigorous course promoting deep learning of computational content, developing computational thinking skills and engaging students in the creative aspects of the world of work. Coursework includes: Principles of Information Technology, Computer Systems, Graphic Design, Web Design, Digital Video and Programming.

  • Bus. Computer Applications - 1 Trimester
  • Web Design I and/or Graphic Design (Recommended) - 1 Trimester
  • Computer Science Principles - 3 Trimesters 2 hour block, Grades 11, 12

Students also complete an industry-mentored work-based learning experiences and can earn industry certification and college credit. (MOS and Adobe certification)