Faculty & Staff

Last Updated: 7/23/2019 8:27 PM


The focus of Skyline High School is to provide all students a culture that empowers, instruction that engages and technology that enables. To create this culture we have three goals:

1.     Purposeful Collaboration

2.     Engaging Instruction

3.     Technology as a Tool

To ensure a viable curriculum and increase the rigor of that curriculum, Skyline High School began implementing LDC (Literacy Design Collaborative) groups, which meet to develop literacy across the curriculum through the use of common rubrics. These groups are composed of mixed-content teachers in order to share and grow from their collective expertise. In conjunction with this program, Skyline also started MDC (Math Design Collaborative) groups to focus on math instruction with particular focus on Algebra and Geometry. Both the LDC and MDC groups are support by the district office and are present on all secondary campuses within District 91. These programs are both in their second year of implementation.

Our teachers also continue to meet in PLCs that are divided along content-specific lines to continually improve daily instructional practices. Our teachers are teamed by common content to answer the following four questions:

1.     What do we want our students to learn? (Common curriculum)

2.     How will we know if they learned? (Common Assessments)

3.     What do we do if students haven't learned? (Share successful instructional strategies)

4.     What do we do if students already know it? (Share successful extension strategies)

Thanks to 'Late Start Monday', a district-wide collaboration time, our teachers are able to meet every week for an hour to collaborate and develop literacy modules through their LDC, refine mathematical instructional practices through their MDC and to improve daily instructional practice through their PLC. Skyline strives to continually refine our process in order to better provide for the academic success of our students. To help students who demonstrate they need additional help, Skyline holds Academic Advisory on Mondays. The schedule provides time for students to work with their teachers; this is not voluntary but mandatory for any student who has a grade below 70% in any class.