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Verification of Inservice Hours

Verification of Completion of In-Service Hours

Credit Reimbursement Form

 Certificated employees are eligible to apply for reimbursement of three (3) credit hours during each 5-year recertification period.


College Transcripts

BYU Transcripts

ISU Transcripts

UI Transcripts

NNU Transcripts

These links are provided for your convenience to request college transcripts.


P.I.E. Day Request

The P.I.E. program provides teachers with the opportunity, time and resources to participate in their own and their colleagues’ professional growth.  P.I.E. allows teachers the opportunity to share and to learn from an experienced colleague, and will provide support and collegiality, by allowing them to observe other classrooms or education settings or to request assistance from a colleague. Participation is voluntary on the part of all participants and confidential between the parties involved.

P.I.E. Request Form


Professional Development Initiation - Click here

Please use this form to submit a new professional development course or event.