Give Input To The Board of Trustees

Last Updated: 7/27/2021 3:14 PM

The Idaho Falls Board of Trustees is committed to open and transparent communication with parents, patrons, students, teachers and staff. To ensure all stakeholders can easily communicate with the board, here’s an update on the best ways to provide feedback, take part in school board meetings and more.

  • Email Board Members: Parents, patrons, students, teachers and staff can email individual board members using their board email. The addresses are available here
    • Please note: To make sure all board members were receiving the same information from patrons during the pandemic, board members’ individual emails were recently replaced with one email address for a short time. Individual board emails were reinstated this week in response to feedback about that new system.
    • Moderated Board Emails: Over the last few months, some board members have received profanity laced and menacing emails so board members now have the option of having their emails screened and moderated. For a short time, all board emails were being moderated, but now emails will only be moderated at a board member’s request.
  • Patron Input: Stakeholders are always welcome to attend school board meetings. During the board’s regular monthly meeting, they also have the opportunity to provide input as outlined in board policy (Section 114).
    • To provide input in person, individuals must complete a Public Input Form before the meeting. They will be allowed three minutes to make remarks about topics on the published agenda. Board members will generally not respond to these comments, but may issue a written response after the meeting.
    • To provide input electronically, individuals can email comments to the board secretary by 4 pm the day before the meeting. Board members will review the comments before the meeting, but will likely not read or address the comments during the meeting.
    • Individuals who have an issue they want to discuss with the board can request an item be included on the published agenda. To do that, stakeholders must notify the superintendent of their desire to be on the board agenda at least five working days before the meeting along with the topic to be addressed and the group he/she represents.
  • Video Recordings of Board Meetings: All board meetings are open to the public, but Idaho Falls School District 91 is pleased to now stream regular board meetings, board work sessions and special board meetings. The meetings can be streamed by clicking here
    • If you miss a meeting, links to the video recordings will be posted on the Board of Trustees page on the district website. The links will be available until the next regular meeting of the board, and then they’ll be archived.
    • Archived video recordings can be easily accessed by completing a public records request.
  • Board Meeting Schedules and Agendas: The public is welcome to attend all D91’s Board of Trustees meetings. The Board of Trustees typically holds a business meeting at 7 pm on the second Wednesday of the month. In addition, a work session is usually held at 4 pm on the 4th Tuesday of the month. A current meeting schedule and agendas are posted on the Board of Trustees page on the district website.


Date: May 27, 2021