D91 Implements Access Control Systems


As part of our efforts to create safer schools, Idaho Falls School District 91 is implementing access control systems in our elementary schools as well as Taylorview and Eagle Rock middle schools. These new systems went into effect this month and will change the way parents and patrons gain access to our schools.

Here’s how they will work:

·      In the morning, the front doors will unlock 30 minutes before the start of school and lock 15 minutes after the start of school.

·      In the afternoon, front doors will unlock 15 minutes before school ends and will lock 30 minutes after school ends.

• At schools with a vestibule like Sunnyside, Fox Hollow, Hawthorne, A.H. Bush, Linden Park, Eagle Rock and Taylorview, the schools’ front doors will be open, but the doors from the office into the school will be locked. Office staff will grant visitors access to the school after they check in at the office. 

• At schools without a vestibule like Dora Erickson, Edgemont, Ethel Boyes, Longfellow, Theresa Bunker and Westside, the schools’ front doors will be locked and all visitors, including parents and patrons, will gain access to the building using a video doorbell located by the front door. 

·      Please be patient as you wait for access to the school. Our office staff may be busy helping students and/or other visitors.

Controlling access to our school buildings is just one more way the district is working to create safer schools. We will be evaluating the effectiveness of the new systems over the next few months and may make some adjustments as needed. 

If you have any questions about these new systems please check with your school or email us at wimbmarg@d91.k12.id.us. And, remember to sign up for safety updates by ensuring your cell phone number is in PowerSchool and texting “YES” to 67587.

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